Dukah! Ahhhhh.

All that I had going though my head while making Dukah the other day was “Walk like an Egyptian” Was that the Bangles? I reckon it was. Love that song lol! So the way this came about is that Benny (husband) and I like to go out to breakfast on the weekend… not every weekend … More Dukah! Ahhhhh.

Smaller Waste for 2021 – a Podcast

So this year I decided it was time to take the big leap (well really not such a big leap) into Podcasting and will put up a new Episode weekly on Monday. Let me introduce to you “Smaller Waste for 2021” which is available on all these amazing Podcast Hosts: Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/3ccVYyVRdQHmA9tL0pcNra Google https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy80NWJkNDUxYy9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw== Pocketcast … More Smaller Waste for 2021 – a Podcast

What does your tee shirt truly cost?

The most effective way to reduce textile waste is to buy used clothing from thrift stores, and donate or reuse your clothes instead of throwing them away. Why throw a shirt into the bin where it will waste away in a landfill when you could give it new life instead? A shirt reused saves the environmental cost of a shirt produced. And don’t forget that cotton can be composted or made into a worm blanket, like I did just recently with my holed and stained thrift shop tee shirt. I removed the cute little patch too which I will repurpose on a pair of jeans or another thrift shop shirt. … More What does your tee shirt truly cost?

Recycled Running Shoes

Shoe production globally has reached 2.2 billion per year, and that makes for a lot of waste…. But when your little toe pokes out the side of your runners you know its time to get some new ones regardless.  After two years of daily exercise and caretaking responsibilities in the apartments we manage, my pair … More Recycled Running Shoes

Sustainable Camping

I haven’t told you about our newest addition to the family.  Well she has been with us about 12 months now but she still feels like she’s new to us.  No I didn’t have another baby in my fifties like so many famous people, we bought a retro camper!  She’s a genuine 1970’s model Sun … More Sustainable Camping

Save Hundreds by Making Your Own Gifts – DIY #1 Cactus Garden

My husband and I have a running joke, whenever we walk into an Interior Design Store and see the semi industrial decor items, I usually say “Oooo I like that!”, he says “I can make that!”, and then we have a laugh. Not because he cant make it but because he usually doesn’t have the … More Save Hundreds by Making Your Own Gifts – DIY #1 Cactus Garden

The Swiss Army Wife

Ladies and gentlemen TV Direct presents our new, improved, multi tool “The Wife”.  She chops, slices, dices, measures, mops and makes dinner all in one versatile package, but wait there’s more, let us introduce to you the next generation multitool “The Mother”, not only does she chop, slice and dice, measure, shake and bake, she … More The Swiss Army Wife

Preserving the Harvest

So what do you do with loads of kaffir limes, towers of tarragon, and a chit load of chilies? Well you preserve them in some way shape or form until you can use them to spice up your delicious dishes. So I thought I would share with you the simple ways to utilise these ingredients separately and preserve them for future use. … More Preserving the Harvest